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South African Qualifications Authority


SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
Category Sports


SAQA South African Qualifications Authority Sports
SAQA South African Quality Authority Regional, African
SAQA South African Qualification Authority Regional, African
SANHA South African National Halaal Authority Regional, African
SAMSA South African Maritime Safety Authority Regional
SASSETA South African Security Sector Education Training Authority Computing, Cyber & Security
QCA Qualifications And Curriculum Authority Academic & Science, Universities
SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority Community, Educational
SQAS Scottish Qualifications Authority sqa Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SQA Samoa Qualifications Authority Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NZQA New Zealand Qualifications Authority Community, Educational
SQA Seychelles Qualifications Authority Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NQAI National Qualifications Authority of Ireland Governmental
SAFFA South African Regional
SAAF South African Air Regional, African
ZAR South African Rand Business, Banking
RESA Reach Every South African Community, Religion
SASCOC South African Sports Regional, African
SAB South African Brewing Regional, African
SAT South African Tourism Community, Travel & Tourism
SBWRY South African Breweries Business, NASDAQ Symbols
SASA South African Schools Act Governmental, Legislation
ASA Anglo South African Regional, African
SAN South African National Regional, African
SAACI South African Association for the Community, Associations
SAN South African Navy Governmental, United Nations
SAR South African Republic Regional, Countries
SAAF South African Air Force Governmental, Military
SAP South African Party Regional, African
SAFU South African Flower Regional, African
SAK South African Kiwi Regional, African
SASI South African San Institute Regional, African
SABC South African Broadcasting Regional, African
SANE The South African New Economics Business, International Business
SATC South African Tax Case Governmental, Law & Legal
SALR South African Law Reports Regional, African
SAICE South African Institution of Civil Regional, African
SACU South African Customs Union Regional, African
SADA South African Dental Association Medical, Dental
SAYC South African Youth Council Regional, African
SABC South African Broadcasting Company Regional, African
SANB South African National Bibliography Regional
SANF South African Naval Forces Governmental, Military
SASP South African Society of Physiotherapy Academic & Science, Societies
SASL South African Sign Language Regional, African
SAME South African Mission Exchange Community, Religion
SAQG South African Quilters Guild Regional, African
SAAO South African Association of Osseointegration Regional, African
SASM South African Society for Microbiology Academic & Science, Biology
SAVF South African Veterinary Foundation Medical, Veterinary
SACA South African Cocktail Association Regional, African
SASH South African Stress and Health Regional, African
SAVC South African Veterinary Council Medical, Veterinary
SAHR South African Health Review Medical, Healthcare
SARS South African Revenue Services Regional, African
SATI South African Translators Institute Regional, African
SANC South African Native Congress Regional, African
SAIX South African Internet Exchange International
SARL South African Radio League Academic & Science, Amateur Radio
SAMU South African Marine Corporation Regional, Railroads