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Afghan National Civil Order Police


ANCOP Afghan National Civil Order Police
Category Governmental, Police


ANCOP Afghan National Civil Order Police Governmental, Police
ANCOP Herat Afghan National Civil Order Police Governmental, Military
ANP Afghan National Police Governmental, Police
ACAA Afghan Civil Aviation Authority Regional
ALP Afghan Local Police Governmental, Police
ANA Afghan National Army Regional
ANA Afghan National Army. Governmental, Military
ANSF Afghan National Security Force International
ANSA Afghan National Standards Authority Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CPO Civil Protection Order Governmental, Law & Legal
ANDSF Afghan National Defence and Security Forces Computing, Cyber & Security
POPCRU Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union Community, Unions
CSPO Civil Stalking Protection Order Governmental, Law & Legal
ANASOC Afghan National Army Special Operation Command Governmental, Military
Orpo OrdnungsPolizei (Order police) Governmental, Nazi Regime
FOD Fraternal Order of Police Regional, Ghana
FOPA Fraternal Order of Police Associates Governmental, Police
KdO Kommandeur der Ordnungspolizei (Commander of the Order Police) Governmental, Nazi Regime
BdO Befehlshaber der Ordnungspolizei (Commander-in-Chief of Order Police) Governmental, Nazi Regime
NCWA National Civil War Association Community, Associations
NCCL National Council for Civil Liberties Governmental, US Government
NCRM National Civil Rights Museum Community, Museums
NCRM National Civil Rights Movement Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NCCR National Coalition for Civil Rights Internet
NCASP National Civil Aviation Security Programme Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
CCFP Center for Civil Force Protection (National Institute of Justice) Community, Non-Profit Organizations
NRACRDF National Rifle Association Civil Rights Defense Fund Business, Professional Organizations
CNP Colombian National Police Governmental, Law & Legal
KNP Korean National Police Governmental, Military
PNP Philippines National Police Governmental, Police
PNP Philippine National Police Governmental, Law & Legal
RNP Rwanda National Police Governmental, Police
NPW National Police Week Governmental, US Government
NPF National Police Federation Governmental, Police
NPAS National Police Air Service Governmental, Police
PNC Police National Computer Governmental, Police
PNN Police National Network Governmental, Police
PNN2 Police National Network, Second Generation Governmental, Law & Legal
NPST National Police Select Test Governmental, Police
PNSF Police National Service Full Governmental, Police
NPMB National Police Management Board Governmental, Police
NPDF National Police Defense Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
NPSC National Police Safety Commission Governmental, Police
PNDT Police National Diversity Team Governmental, Police
PNSD Police National Service Department Governmental, Police
SNPB Swedish National Police Board Governmental, Police
NPSC National Police Shooting Championships Governmental, Police
SNOP Syndicat National des Officiers de Police Governmental, Police
PNPA Philippine National Police Academy Academic & Science
NPCC National Police Catch Chockroach Governmental, Police
NPTA National Police and Troopers Association Governmental, Police
NBPA National Black Police Association Community, Unions
NPCC National Police Cadet Corps Governmental, Police
NPCC National Police Command Center Governmental, Police
NTPA National Trans Police Association (UK) Governmental, Police
KNPF Karen National Police Force Governmental, Police
NPTS National Police Training School Governmental, Police
PNCD Police National Computer Database Governmental, Police
NPCA National Police Canine Association Governmental, Police
NPSN National Police Support Network Governmental, Police