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John Hancock


JH John Hancock
Category Community, Famous & Celebs


JH John Hancock Community, Famous & Celebs
JHF John Hancock Financial Business, Companies & Firms
JHI John Hancock Investors Miscellaneous, Unclassified
JHAC John Hancock Assignment Company Business, Companies & Firms
JHI John Hancock Investment Trust Business, NYSE Symbols
JHF John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Business, NYSE Symbols
PDT John Hancock Patriot Prime Development 2 Business, NYSE Symbols
JHS John Hancock Income Securities Trust Business, NYSE Symbols
PPF John Hancock Patriot Preferred Development Fund Business, NYSE Symbols
BTO John Hancock Bank &Thrist Opportunity Fund Business, NYSE Symbols
PGD John Hancock Patriot Global Diversified Fund Business, NYSE Symbols
DIV John Hancock Patriot Select Diversified Fund Business, NYSE Symbols
Good To Go Everything is all set; we can proceed. When the wife asked John if the car is packed for the vacation, John said, "Everything is good to go." Miscellaneous
YSJ St. John Municipal Airport, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada Regional, Airport Codes
5J0 John Day State Airport, John Day, Oregon USA Regional, Airport Codes
13783 Hancock, NY Regional, ZIP Codes
49930 Hancock, MI Regional, ZIP Codes
51536 Hancock, IA Regional, ZIP Codes
21750 Hancock, MD Regional, ZIP Codes
03449 Hancock, NH Regional, ZIP Codes
56244 Hancock, MN Regional, ZIP Codes
05748 Hancock, VT Regional, ZIP Codes
54943 Hancock, WI Regional, ZIP Codes
04640 Hancock, ME Regional, ZIP Codes
HF Hancock Fabrics Business, Companies & Firms
HKF Hancock Fabrics, Inc. Business, NYSE Symbols
79839 Fort Hancock, TX Regional, ZIP Codes
THG The Hancock Group, L. L. C. Business, Companies & Firms
WMPL AM-920, Hancock, Michigan Community, Radio Stations
HH Herbie Hancock Community, Famous & Celebs
YXJ Fort St. John Municipal Airport, Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada Regional, Airport Codes
AHC Allan Hancock College Academic & Science, Colleges
HCI Hancock Coal Infrastructure Pte Ltd Business, Companies & Firms
HBHC Hancock Holding Company Business, NASDAQ Symbols
KSYR Syracuse Hancock International, USA - NY Regional, Airport Codes
HLC Hancock Lutheran Church Community, Religion
HSSI Hancock Sigma Sensing Inc Business, Companies & Firms
HYL Hancock Youth Leadership Community, Youth
HEDC Hancock Economic Development Council Community, Development
HCCB Hancock County Conservation Board Community, Conservation
HCAS Hancock County Animal Shelter Regional, Counties
WHCA Washington Hancock Community Agency Community, Non-Profit Organizations
HCLS Hancock County Library System Academic & Science, Libraries
HFCU Hancock Federal Credit Union Community, Unions
WFZX FM-101.7, Winter Harbor- Hancock, Maine Community, Radio Stations
HLBT Hancock Live Beaver Trap Business, Products
HCCN Hancock County Community Network Community
THAS Tony Hancock Appreciation Society Academic & Science, Societies
HCCF Hancock County Community Foundation Community
HCMM Hancock County Medical Mission Medical
HCCHC Hancock County Coon Hunting Club Community, Clubs
CMX Houghton County Memorial Airport, Hancock, Michigan USA Regional, Airport Codes
28GA Hancock Memorial Hospital Heliport, Sparta, Georgia USA Regional, Airport Codes
JJF John John Florence Miscellaneous, Unclassified
33U Dutch John Airport, Dutch John, Utah USA Regional, Airport Codes
JV John Vincent (John Vincent Martin Boyle) Miscellaneous, Names and Nicknames
33Y Manitou Island Coast Guard Lifesaving Station - Weather Observation Station, Hancock, Michigan USA Regional, Airport Codes
SYR Syracuse Hancock International Airport, Syracuse, New York USA Regional, Airport Codes
JB John Boy Miscellaneous, Names and Nicknames
Jno. John Community