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Defense Environmental Management


DEM Defense Environmental Management
Category Governmental, US Government


DEM Defense Environmental Management Governmental, US Government
EDC Environmental Defense Center Governmental, Environmental
EDF Environmental Defense Fund Governmental, Politics
PEDF Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation Governmental, Environmental
DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program Governmental, Military
IUED Israel Union for Environmental Defense Governmental, Environmental
CEDS Community Environmental Defense Services Governmental, Environmental
DERA Defense Environmental Restoration Account Governmental, Environmental
BREDL Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Governmental, Environmental
NDCEE National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence Governmental, Environmental
DOEHRS Defense Occupational Environmental and Health Readiness System Governmental, Environmental
DOEHRS Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Reporting System Medical, Healthcare
DOEHRS Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System Medical, Healthcare
DRMC Defense Resource Management Course Business, Management
DRMC Defense Resources Management Course Business, Management
DFMC Defense Financial Management Course Business, General
ADAM Air Defense Airspace Management Governmental, Military
DGMT Defense Governance and Management Team Business, Management
DLMS Defense Logistics Management Standards Business, Logistics
DTMR Defense Traffic Management Regulations Business, Management
DBMS Defense-Business Management System Governmental, Military
DOPMA Defense Officers Personnel Management Act Governmental, Legislation
DTMO Defense Travel Management Office Community, Travel & Tourism
DSMC Defense Systems Management College Academic & Science, Colleges
DOPMA Defense Officer Promotion Management Act Governmental, Legislation
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency Governmental, US Government
DMRD Defense Management Review Decision Governmental, US Government
DTMR Defense Traffic Management Regulation Governmental, Military
DTMA Defense TRICARE Management Activity Business, Management
DOPMA Defense Officer Personnel Management Act Governmental, Military
DCMC Defense Contract Management Command Governmental, Military
DMDC Defense Management Data Center Governmental, Military
DITM Defense Information Technology Management Governmental, Military
DMRD Defense Management Resource Decision Governmental, Military
DIMOC Defense Imagery Management Operations Center Governmental, Military
DCRMS Defense Case Record Management System Business, Management
DSAMS Defense Security Assistance Management System Governmental, Military
DFAMS Defense Full Automated Management System Governmental, Military
DISMS Defense Integrated Subsistence Management System Governmental, Military
DCMDE Defense Contract Management District East Governmental, US Government
DCMDI Defense Contract Management District International Governmental, US Government
DoDFMR Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation Governmental, US Government
DEOMI Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute Academic & Science, Universities
DCRMS Defense Case Records Management System Business, Management
IDRMP Integrated Defense Risk Management Process Business, Management
ASD(FMP) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy) Governmental, Military
DVCIPM Defense and Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management Governmental, Military
ADAM-BAE Air Defense Airspace Management-Brigade Aviation Element Governmental, Military
ASD(FM&P) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management and Personnel) Governmental, Military
EMIX Environmental Management Regional, Railroads
DHMO DOD (Department Of Defense) HUMINT (HUMan INTelligence) Management Office Governmental, Military
JEM Joint Environmental Management Governmental, Environmental
EMP Environmental Management Plan Business, General
ELM Environmental Liabilities Management Governmental, Environmental
AEM Agricultural Environmental Management Miscellaneous, Farming & Agriculture
UEM Urban Environmental Management Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
EMS Environmental Management System Governmental, Environmental
IEM Industrial Environmental Management Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
ERM Environmental Resources Management Governmental, Environmental
EMB Environmental Management Bureau Business, Management