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Historic Services


PHS Historic Services
Category Miscellaneous, Unclassified


PHS Historic Services Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PHS Pontiac Historic Services Community, Non-Profit Organizations
HPCS Historic Plaster Conservation Services Community, Conservation
PHD Pre-Historic Dinosaur Miscellaneous, Funnies
HBI Historic Boston Inc Business, Companies & Firms
HC Historic Color Business, Products
HC Historic Churches Academic & Science, Architecture
HMR Historic Monoposto Racing Sports, Racing
RHP Registered Historic Places Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NHR Natural and Historic Resources Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HIA Historic Impact Assessment Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HBS Historic Brass Society Academic & Science, Societies
HUL Historic Urban Landscape Miscellaneous, Unclassified
DHR Department of Historic Resources Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HFOC Historic Formula One Championship Miscellaneous, Hobbies
HHA Historic Houses Association Community, Associations
HRF Historic Race Finland Sports, Racing
HDC Historic District Commission Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HCR Historic Catch Rates Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HRCT Historic Rally Car Technical Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HIP Historic Inman Park Community
PHW Preservation of Historic Winchester Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SHP State Historic Park Community, Parks
NHPA National Historic Presentation Act Governmental, Legislation
HPZ Historic Preservation Zone Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NHPA National Historic Preservation Act Governmental, Legislation
HHA Historic Hotels of America Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HVA Historic Vehicle Association Community, Associations
HLW Historic Landscapes of Wales Community
NHP National Historic Park Community, Parks
HHA Historic Harrisburg Association Community, Associations
OHA Office of Historic Alexandria, VA Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDC Historic Districts Council Governmental, Council
HCT Historic Chapels Trust Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HLC Historic Landmark Commission Governmental, State & Local
HHHI Historic Harder Hall, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
HFF Historic Flight Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
OHP Office of Historic Preservation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
MHP Master of Historic Preservation Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HSPA Historic Hotel Holdings, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
HPO Historic Preservation Office Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HPTC Historic Preservation Tax Credit Business, Tax
HBI Historic Boston Incorporated Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HSF Historic Savannah Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
HRP Historic Royal Palaces Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HCA historic cost accounting (!) Medical, British Medicine
Nfld Newfoundland (historic abbr., now replaced by NL) Regional, Canadian
SHPO State Historic Preservation Officers Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CHAOS Coordinated Historic Attack On Sensibleness Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HSRR Historic Scale Racing Replicas Sports, Racing
HDHC Historic District and Historical Commission Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ECHO Environmental, Cultural, Historic, and Outdoors Governmental, Environmental
MDHD Mazomanie Downtown Historic District Miscellaneous, Unclassified
WHRM Western Historic Radio Museum Community, Museums
WTHP Wisconsin Trust for Historic Preservation Community
HORC Historic Organ Restoration Committee Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HVLT Historic Vehicles of London Transport Governmental, Transportation
DHBT Devon Historic Buildings Trust Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HRPS Historic Reno Preservation Society Academic & Science, Societies
MAHP Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Miscellaneous, Unclassified