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ELectronics and Biotechnology Advanced


EL.B.A. ELectronics and Biotechnology Advanced
Category Medical, Human Genome


EL.B.A. ELectronics and Biotechnology Advanced Medical, Human Genome
CARB Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology Computing, Technology
ADOT Advanced Optics Electronics Business, NASDAQ Symbols
AIE Advanced Interior Electronics Academic & Science, Electronics
AUE Advanced Ultrasound Electronics Academic & Science, Electronics
APEC Advanced Power Electronics Corporation Business, Companies & Firms
AECF Advanced Electronics - Computer Field Academic & Science, Electronics
AECF Advanced Electronics- Computer Field Academic & Science, Electronics
ATEES Advanced Technologies in Electrical and Electronics Systems Community, Conferences
IEEE-AESS Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society Academic & Science, Electronics
BIOTECH Biotechnology Academic & Science, Biotechnology
PBI Phoenix Biotechnology Inc Business, Companies & Firms
DBT Department of BioTechnology Academic & Science, Universities
PBT Prana Biotechnology Ltd Business, ASX Symbols
IGNE Igene Biotechnology, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
MB Master of Biotechnology Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
BIP Biotechnology In Public Academic & Science, Ocean Science
CIST Cistron Biotechnology, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
BIC Biotechnology Information Center Medical, Veterinary
AFOB Asian Federation of Biotechnology International, Asian
SEBiot Spanish Society of Biotechnology Academic & Science, Societies
IJB Iranian Journal of Biotechnology Miscellaneous, Journals
DEB Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology Computing, Technology
IBB Institute of Bioinformatics Biotechnology Academic & Science, Biotechnology
RCB Regional Centre for Biotechnology Computing, Technology
MBC Massachusetts Biotechnology Council Medical, Human Genome
ABAB Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Academic & Science, Chemistry
COMB Center of Marine Biotechnology Academic & Science, Ocean Science
SBN Student Biotechnology Network Academic & Science, Biotechnology
NIB National Institute of Biotechnology Computing, Technology
DBI Delaware Biotechnology Institute Computing, Technology
IPB Institute for Plant Biotechnology Academic & Science, Biotechnology
EFB European Federation of Biotechnology Medical, Veterinary
BIO Biotechnology Innovation Organization Academic & Science, Biotechnology
WCBP Well Characterized Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals Community, Conferences
NFBC New Francisco Biotechnology Corporation Academic & Science, Biotechnology
ASB American Society for Biotechnology Medical, Human Genome
IBEX International Biotechnology EXpo Medical, Human Genome
ECB European Congress on Biotechnology Medical, Human Genome
IBM Institute for Biotechnology and Microelectronics Academic & Science, Universities
ABL Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory Academic & Science, Biotechnology
CPB Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Computing, Technology
BTP Biotechnology Training Program Computing, Technology
JMB Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Miscellaneous, Journals
IBB Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Computing, Technology
NABA Namibian Biotechnology Alliance Governmental
BABS Biotechnology And Biomolecular Sciences Academic & Science, Universities
BNF Biotechnology Notification File Governmental, FDA
TWB Toulouse White Biotechnology Academic & Science, Biotechnology
BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization Business, Professional Organizations
PLBL Plant Lipid Biotechnology Lab Academic & Science, Biotechnology
IBI Institute for Biotechnology Information Medical, Human Genome
WCBP Well Characterized Biotechnology Products Business, Products
BRC Biotechnology Resource Center Computing, Technology
BIO The Biotechnology Institute Organization Computing, Technology
EJB Electronic Journal of Biotechnology Academic & Science, Biotechnology
BET biotechnology eligibility test Computing, Technology
PEB Plant and Environmental Biotechnology Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
VBJ Vietnam Biotechnology Journal Miscellaneous, Journals
BBP BioShares Biotechnology Products Business, Products