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Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency


CFPSA Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
Category Regional, Canadian


CFPSA Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency Regional, Canadian
CFSU Canadian Forces Support Unit Governmental, Military
CESC CSA (Canadian Space Agency) Engineering Support Center Governmental, NASA
MARPAC Canadian Forces, Maritime Forces Pacific Governmental, Military
BISAP Blast Injury Outcome Study in Armed forces Personnel Academic & Science
CF Canadian Forces Governmental, Military
CAF Canadian Armed Forces Governmental, Military
CFC Canadian Forces College Governmental, Military
CFS Canadian Forces Station Governmental, Military
CD Canadian Forces Decoration Miscellaneous, Awards & Medals
AFSA Armed Forces Security Agency Governmental, FBI Files
ALFA AGENCY Air Land Forces Application Agency Governmental, Military
CPEA Civilian Personnel Evaluation Agency Governmental
JPRA Joint Personnel Recovery Agency Governmental, Military
CFMG Canadian Forces Medical Group Medical
CFLC Canadian Forces Liaison Council Governmental, Military
CFMO Canadian Forces Medical Orders Medical
CFAT Canadian Forces Aptitude Test Regional, Canadian
CFAO Canadian Forces Administrative Orders Regional, Canadian
CFNA Canadian Forces Northern Area Regional, Canadian
CFAD Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Governmental, Military
CFTO Canadian Forces Technical Order Governmental, Military
CFMP Canadian Forces Military Police Governmental, Police
CFFM Canadian Forces Fire Marshal Governmental, Fire Departments
CGMP Canadian Government Marketing Personnel Business, Occupation & Positions
CFARS Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System Governmental, Military
CFARS Canadian Forces Amateur Radio Service Regional, Canadian
JTF2 Joint Task Force 2 (Canadian Special Forces) Governmental, Military
DND-CAF Department of National Defense-Canadian Armed Forces Governmental, Military
DART Disaster Assistance Response Team (Canadian Armed Forces) Governmental, Military
CUUP Uplands Canadian Forces Air Base, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Regional, Airport Codes
MSF Mission Support Forces Governmental, Military
PSS Personnel Support Summary Governmental, Military
PSG Personnel Support Group Governmental, Military
ESP Education Support Personnel Community, Educational
PSD Personnel Support Detachment Governmental, Military
ESP Educational Support Personnel Community, Educational
PSS Personnel Service Support Governmental, Military
SSP Student Support Personnel Academic & Science, Universities
PSS Personnel Support System Governmental, Military
CFST Coalition Forces Support Team Governmental, Military
FSSC Forces Surveillance Support Center Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SFSG Special Forces Support Group Governmental, Military
DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center Governmental, Military
FOSP Flight Operations Support Personnel Governmental, NASA
ASIOEP Associated Support Items of Equipment and Personnel Governmental, Military
IPSC Integrated Personnel Support Centres Miscellaneous, Unclassified
BOSP Base Operating Support Personnel Governmental, Military
SSPT Student Support Personnel Team Academic & Science, Universities
USPS University Support Personnel System Academic & Science, Universities
TASP Technical Administrative and Support Personnel Business, General
VSPN Veterinary Support Personnel Network Medical, Veterinary
PERSCO Personnel Support For Contingency Operations Governmental, Military
CTA Canadian Transportation Agency Governmental, Transportation
CRA Canadian Revenue Agency Governmental
SOFSA Special Operations Forces Support Activity Governmental, Military
SPARC Support Personnel Accountability Report Card Business, General
CRISP Conflict Resolution Infiltration Support Personnel Governmental, Military
JPRSP Joint Personnel Recovery Support Product Governmental, Military
PESPA Pelham Education Support Personnel Association Community, Educational