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High Density Press


HDP High Density Press
Category Community, News & Media


HDP High Density Press Community, News & Media
HMHDPE High Density & High Molecular High Density Polyethylene Miscellaneous, Plastics
UHMWHDPE Ultra High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethelene Miscellaneous, Manufacturing
HD High Density Computing
HDB High Density Biomass Academic & Science, Botany
HDI High Density Interconnect Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDJ High Density Jack Miscellaneous, Unclassified
VHD Very High Density circuit Academic & Science, Electronics
HDS High Density Storage Computing, Hardware
HDL high density lipoprotein Governmental, FDA
LMHD Low Mobility High Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDP high density power Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDP High Density Plasma Academic & Science, Electronics
UHD Ultra High Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDF High Density Fibreboard Business, Products
HDV High Density Voice Computing, Networking
EHD Expanded High Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SHD Super High Density Business, Products
HDA High Density Amylopectin Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ED Extra-high Density Community, News & Media
HDM High Density Metric Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDF High Density Fibre Miscellaneous, Unclassified
AHD Argon High Density Academic & Science, Chemistry
HDD High Density Disk Computing, Hardware
HLD High Lumen Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDL High-density lipoprotein Medical, Physiology
HCD High Connection Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDL High density lipoproteins Miscellaneous, Unclassified
EHD Extra High Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDL High Density Lipids Medical, Laboratory
HSD high silt density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDM High Density Modulation Academic & Science, Electronics
HPD High Posterior Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDF High Density Fiberboard Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDO High Density Overlaid Miscellaneous, Construction
HDT High Density Tape Governmental, Military
HDPE High Density PolyEthylene Miscellaneous, Construction
HDO High Density Overlay Computing, Software
HDRIP High Density Reactive Ion Plating Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDCD High Density Compatible Digital Computing, Hardware
HLPD High Linear Power Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SFHD Single Family High Density Community, Housing
HDCD High Density Compact Disc Community, News & Media
HDRM High Density Reactive Materials Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDPE High Density Poly Ethylene Miscellaneous, Plastics
VHDCI Very High Density Connector Interface Miscellaneous, Unclassified
DSHD Double Sided High Density Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDDR High-Density Digital Recorder Governmental, NASA
RHED Regions of High Electron Density Academic & Science, Physics
HDB3 High-Density Bipolar Three-bit substitution Computing, Telecom
HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol Medical, Physiology
SHDL Synthetic High Density Lipoprotein Miscellaneous, Unclassified
URH Urban Residential High Density Community
HDRM High Density Rack Mount Miscellaneous, Unclassified
UHDP Ultra High Density Planting Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDLC High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Miscellaneous, Food & Nutrition
HDCM High Density Cable Manager Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MHDL Murine High Density Lipoproteins Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HDHC High density heat containment Miscellaneous, Unclassified
UHDP Ultra High Density Plantation Miscellaneous, Unclassified