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Real-Time Technology and ApplicationS Conference


RTTAS Real-Time Technology and ApplicationS Conference
Category Community, Conferences


RTTAS Real-Time Technology and ApplicationS Conference Community, Conferences
RTCON CONference on Real-Time Computer Applications in Nuclear, Particle, and Plasma Physics Community, Conferences
RETINA Real Time Intelligence Applications Governmental, Military
RTAP Real-Time Applications Platform Computing, Hardware
READY Real-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem Computing, General
RTCSA International Workshop on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications Community, Conferences
CMPEUR International Conference on CoMPuter technology systems and applications in EURope Community, Conferences
HICAPP Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences: Emerging Technology and Applications Academic & Science, IEEE
RAPS Real Applications Of Parallel Systems Computing, Networking
NORTHC IEEE Technical Applications Conference Academic & Science, IEEE
WAA Wavelet Analysis and its Applications conference Community, Conferences
EASC Exascale Applications and Software Conference Computing, Software
ALAC Advanced Laser Applications Conference Community, Conferences
AERO IEEE Aerospace Applications Conference Academic & Science, IEEE
CSAC Computer Security Applications Conference Community, Conferences
PANIC Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference Community, Conferences
CAIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications Community, Conferences
ICCOMP International Conference on Computers and Applications Academic & Science, IEEE
CCA IEEE International Conference on Control Applications Community, Conferences
AMSAC Analog Mixed Signal Applications Conference Community, Conferences
CMPSAC International CoMPuter Software and Applications Conference Community, Conferences
BCAA Annual Battery Conference on Applications and Advances Community, Conferences
PICA Power Industry Computer Applications Conference Academic & Science, IEEE
SMA International conference on Shape Modeling and Applications Community, Conferences
ICMLA International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications Community, Conferences
ICATA International Conference on Approximation Theory and Applications Community, Conferences
ISDA Intelligent Systems Design and Applications conference Community, Conferences
ICBMA International Conference on Biological and Medical Applications Academic & Science, Biology
ADA International IEEE Conference on ADA Applications and Environments Academic & Science, IEEE
IAAIC Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference Community, Conferences
ACSAC IEEE Aerospace Computer Security Applications Conference Academic & Science, IEEE
PARBSE International Conference on Databases, Parallel Architectures, & Applications Academic & Science, IEEE
ETACOM Annual Conference on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Communications Academic & Science, IEEE
DEXA International Conference and Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications Community, Conferences
AIAWS International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications in Wall Street Community, Conferences
ICPADM IEEE International Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials Academic & Science, IEEE
RTCP Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (sometimes seen as RTP-Real-Time Transport Protocol) Computing, Networking
RMC Real Man Conference Community, Conferences
TASC Technology Applications Sub-Committee Academic & Science, IEEE
NEAT New and Emerging Applications of Technology Medical, British Medicine
NR-T Near Real-Time Governmental, NASA
NRT Non Real Time Computing, General
NRT Near Real Time Governmental, NASA
IRT In Real Time Computing, General
RT Real Time Governmental, NASA
IITA International Information Technology and Applications Computing, Technology
ORTA Office of Research and Technology Applications Governmental, Military
CAOT Computer Applications Occupational Technology Computing
IITA Information Infrastructure Technology Applications Academic & Science, Ocean Science
SATS Small Applications Technology Satellite Governmental, NASA
AITA Advanced Infrared Technology and Applications Computing, Technology
IITA Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications Academic & Science, Meteorology
CAOT Computer Applications and Occupational Technology Computing, Technology
ETAC Emerging Technology Applications Center Computing, Technology
ATAS Academic Technology Applications Support Computing, Technology
SATP Space Applications Technology Program Governmental, Military
ITAS Information Technology Applications Specialist Business, Occupation & Positions
EAIT Emerging Applications of Information Technology Community, Conferences
BETA Betalight Electromagnetic Technology Applications Computing, Hardware
JTAP JISC Technology Applications Programme Computing, Technology