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Canadian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation


CNIP Canadian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation
Category Regional, Canadian


CNIP Canadian Network for Isotopes in Precipitation Regional, Canadian
GNIP Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation Academic & Science, Chemistry
CNPCC Canadian Network of Palliative Care for Children Canadian Network Regional, Canadian
TOI Table Of Isotopes Academic & Science, Chemistry
INIS International Isotopes Business, NASDAQ Symbols
RIL Radiogenic Isotopes Laboratory Academic & Science, Universities
OSI Ordinary Stuffed Isotopes Academic & Science, Chemistry
ICON Isotopes of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen Academic & Science, Chemistry
SILEX Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation Academic & Science, Physics
TRIGA Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics Academic & Science, Physics
CDN Canadian Dairy Network Regional, Canadian
CWN Canadian Water Network Regional, Canadian
CNOW Canadian Network Of Wisdom Community, Non-Profit Organizations
CTV Canadian Television Network Community, News & Media
TCCN The Canadian Construction Network Regional, Canadian
CBN Canadian Base Network Academic & Science
CHN Canadian Health Network Regional, Canadian
CNDS Canadian Network of Durkheimian Studies Regional, Canadian
CFCN Canadian Families And Corrections Network Community
CBSN Canadian BFRB Support Network Regional, Canadian
CCBN Canadian Croatian Business Network Regional, Canadian
CNCA Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability Regional, Canadian
CMSN Canadian Moving and Storage Network Business, Professional Organizations
CMFN Canadian Model Forest Network Regional, Canadian
CNSN Canadian National Seismic Network Regional, Canadian
CGSN Canadian Gravity Standardization Network Regional, Canadian
CNSN Canadian National Seismograph Network Regional, Canadian
CVCN Canadian Video Collaboration Network Regional, Canadian
CHIN Canadian Heritage Information Network Community, Museums
CIIN Canadian Institutional Investment Network Business, Investments
CIRN Canadian Immunization Registry Network Regional, Canadian
CFTN Canadian Fair Trade Network Regional, Canadian
CNAM Canadian Network of Asset Managers Regional, Canadian
CTEN Canadian Technical Employment Network Business, Professional Organizations
CRCN Canadian Rural Church Network Community, Churches
CHRN Canadian Homelessness Research Network Regional, Canadian
CAIN Canadian Archival Information Network Academic & Science, Libraries
CNPC Canadian Network for Psychoanalysis and Culture Regional, Canadian
CLRN Canadian Lunar Research Network Regional, Canadian
CFRN Canadian Fisheries Research Network Regional, Canadian
CNTC Canadian Network of Toxicology Centres Regional, Canadian
CPCN Canadian Prostate Cancer Network Regional, Canadian
CHRN Canadian Harm Reduction Network Regional, Canadian
CSIN Canadian Sustainability Indicators Network Regional, Canadian
CCRN Canadian Cultural Research Network Regional, Canadian
CCON Canadian Cardiac Oncology Network Medical, Oncology
CHMN Canadian Health Media Network Regional, Canadian
CIRN Canadian Immunization Research Network Regional, Canadian
CCIN Canadian Cryospheric Information Network Regional, Canadian
CONRAD Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development Regional, Canadian
CITRN Canadian Immigration Technical Resource Network Community, Non-Profit Organizations
GP gel precipitation Medical, British Medicine
LP Low Precipitation Academic & Science, Meteorology
P Precipitation Academic & Science, Meteorology
MAP Mean Annual Precipitation Miscellaneous, Unclassified
EP Effective Precipitation Academic & Science, Meteorology
POPS Probability Of Precipitation So Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PF Precipitation-Frequency Academic & Science, Hydrology
P-STATIC Precipitation Static Governmental, Military
COP Chance Of Precipitation Academic & Science, Meteorology