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Funds Book


FB Funds Book
Category Business, Banking


FB Funds Book Business, Banking
WWF We Want Funds Miscellaneous, Funnies
UAF Un-Available Funds Business, Accounting
MMF Mam Funds Business, London Stock Exchange
AFFO Adjusted Funds From Business, Funds
ROF Release of Funds Business, Funds
FFO Funds From Operations Governmental, US Government
OMF Other Mutual Funds Business, Stock Exchange
AF Appropriated Funds Governmental, Military
FDR Funds do Restarters Business, Funds
WMFD W M Funds Distributor, Inc. Business, Companies & Firms
FPO Funds Paid Out Business, Accounting
CEF Closed End Funds Business, Funds
SF Structural Funds Business, Accounting
NSF Not Sufficient Funds Business, Mortgage
WMGF W M Group of Funds Business, Companies & Firms
FT Funds Transfer Business, Banking
COF Cost Of Funds Business, Funds
NSF Non Sufficient Funds Business, Accounting
NAF Non-Appropriated Funds Governmental, Military
SOF Source of Funds Business
FIT Funds in Transit Business, Banking
SCF St. Charles Funds Community, Religion
FE Funds Earmarked Business, Funds
FOF Fund Of Funds Business, Stock Exchange
NPF Non Public Funds Business, Funds
FUA Funds Under Administration Business, Funds
NAF Non Appropriated Funds Governmental, US Government
NOF New Opportunity Funds Business, Accounting
OF Oppenheimer Funds Business, Companies & Firms
MF Mutual Funds Business, Stock Exchange
AAF ABN Amro Funds Business, NYSE Symbols
WWF What A Waste Of Funds Miscellaneous, Funnies
IFDI Ivy Funds Distributor, Inc. Business, Companies & Firms
FK Funds Killer Business, Funds
VSOF Visual Status Of Funds Governmental, FDA
AFFO Adjusted Funds from Operations Business, Funds
HFC Hedge Funds Care Business, Funds
FOSS Funds Only Settlement Service Business, Stock Exchange
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Business, International Business
PCFS PSB Contestable Funds Scheme Business, Funds
IGF Internally Generated Funds Business, Professional Organizations
ROSF Return On Shareholders Funds Business
ETF Employee Trust Funds Governmental, Employment
EFT Electronic Funds Transfers Business, Funds
CIF Climate Investment Funds Business, Investments
FEW funds empowering women Business, Funds
AFFO Adjusted Funds from Operation Business, Funds
WFFP Web Funds Financial Processing Internet
CFS Certified Funds Specialist Business, Certifications & Diplomas
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer Electronic Funds Transfer Business, Funds
WIF Warsaw Initiative Funds Business, Funds
FCF Facility Capital Funds Business, Accounting
FCFI First Canadian Funds Incorporated Business, Companies & Firms
CFI College Funds Installment Academic & Science, Colleges
ETF Exchange Traded Funds Business, Stock Exchange
TIF Texas Infrastructure Funds Governmental, State & Local
WIIFM Whatever Is Important Funds Management Business, General
MMF Midwest Mezzanine Funds Business, Funds
FFR Federal Funds Rate Governmental, US Government