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Canada West Foundation


CWF Canada West Foundation
Category Regional, Canadian


CWF Canada West Foundation Regional, Canadian
CW Canada West Computing, General
WCV West Canada Valley Community, Travel & Tourism
UCW University Canada West Academic & Science, Universities
WCCC West Canada Clearing Corporation Business, Stock Exchange
CWMM Canada West Military Museums Governmental, Military
WCVN West Canada Valley Newsies Regional, Canadian
CFI Canada Foundation for Innovation Regional, Canadian
WCDTC West Canada Depository Trust Company Business, Stock Exchange
LACF Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
TCTF Trans Canada Trail Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
HSFC Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Miscellaneous, Foundations
JNFC Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada Miscellaneous, Foundations
AICF Agricultural Institute Of Canada Foundation Miscellaneous, Farming & Agriculture
BEFC Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada Community, Educational
CMSF Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Regional, Canadian
ICUF Ireland Canada University Foundation Regional, Canadian
CIIRD Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
WEFE West Essex Foundation for Education Miscellaneous, Foundations
WARF West Africa Rural Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WTCF West Texas Christian Foundation Community, Religion
WMIF West Maui Improvement Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WSEF West Sioux Educational Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WASF West Albany Sports Foundation Sports
WBCF West Bend Community Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WVFF West Virginia Family Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WVUF West Virginia University Foundation Academic & Science, Universities
WTGF West Texas Geology Foundation Academic & Science, Geology
WVCF West Virginia Catholic Foundation Community, Religion
WHLF West Hollywood Library Foundation Academic & Science, Libraries
WHAF West Hawaii Aids Foundation Medical, Physiology
WCIF West Central Initiative Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WAAF West Africa Aids Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
WCLF West Coast Libertarian Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WTGF West Texas Geological Foundation Miscellaneous, Foundations
WHCSF West Hills Christian School Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
NWTFS North West Thames Foundation School Medical, British Medicine
WVVVF West Virginia Vietnam Veterans Foundation Community
AFEW AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) Foundation East-West Community, Non-Profit Organizations
FCAC-ACFC Financial Consumer Agency of Canada-Agence de la consommation en matière financière du Canada Governmental
CBDI AM-860, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, Canada; FM-103.5 FM, Poplar River, Manitoba, Canada Community, Radio Stations
AANDC-AADNC Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada - Affaires autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada Regional, Canadian
WHSCC Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and New Brunswick, Canada) Governmental, State & Local
AADNC Affaires Autochtones et Développement du Nord Canada (English: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) Regional, Canadian
RBRCC Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation of Canada (1994—January 1st, 2013 when it was renamed Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.) Business, Companies & Firms
RAIC Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (now Architecture Canada) Academic & Science, Architecture
CY Canada Youth (under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church in Canada) Community, Conferences
GSC-CGC Geological Survey of Canada - Commission Géologique du Canada Governmental
HCLX HIMONT Canada (Basell Canada) Regional, Railroads
UWCC United Way of Canada - Centraide Canada Community, Non-Profit Organizations
JCAH Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (Canada, 1951–1958) (currently named Accreditation Canada) Medical
CNRC Conseil national de recherches Canada [National Research Council (NRC) Canada] Governmental
WSSN West Shore Singles Network, West Michigan Community
CLS Canada Land Survey - Canada Land Surveyor Academic & Science
WGLZ FM-91.5, West Liberty, West Virginia Community, Radio Stations
WWSM West West Side Music Community, Music
MRB Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport - Shepherd Field, Martinsburg, West Virginia USA Regional, Airport Codes
SFCF Sladechild Foundation Charitable Foundation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
04WV West Virginia University Hospital Pad #2 Heliport, Morgantown, West Virginia USA Regional, Airport Codes
80G West Lafayette Tri-City Airport, West Lafayette, Ohio USA Regional, Airport Codes