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Agent Communication Language


ACL Agent Communication Language
Category Computing, Networking


ACL Agent Communication Language Computing, Networking
ACL Agent Communication Library Computing, Software
FACTS Fipa Agent Communication Technologies And Services Computing, Networking
DAML Darpa Agent Markup Language Governmental, Military
JAPL JADE Agent Programming Language Academic & Science, Language & Literature
SLCN Speech Language Communication Needs Academic & Science, Language & Literature
LCT Language and Communication Technologies Academic & Science, Language & Literature
LCA Language Communication Audit Academic & Science, Language & Literature
ECL Event Communication Language Computing, Software
LACS Language and Communication Skills Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ELC Educating Language and Communication Community, Educational
ECL Ecosystem Communication Language Academic & Science, Language & Literature
CCL Communication Control Language Governmental, Military
CLLD Communication Language Literacy Development Community, Development
CLCR Chinese Language Communication Requirements Academic & Science, Language & Literature
SLCD Speech Language and Communication Disorders Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
SLCD School for Language and Communication Development Academic & Science, Language & Literature
CLCS Center for Language and Communication Studies Academic & Science, Language & Literature
ELWC English as a Language of Wider Communication Academic & Science, Language & Literature
ELCA English Language Communication Association Business, Companies & Firms
EELC Explorations in Ethnography Language and Communication Academic & Science, Language & Literature
ALCC American Language Communication Center Academic & Science, Language & Literature
CLCR Centre for Language and Communication Research Academic & Science, Research
BLCC Business Language and Communication Centre Academic & Science, Language & Literature
BLCC Business Language and Communication Center Business
SCRL- L Speech Communication Research Laboratory Language Governmental, Military
BILCS Birmingham Integrated Language and Communication Service Medical, British Medicine
BILCS Birmingham Integrated Language & Communication Services Business, Professional Organizations
CCL Communication Command Language file ( Intalk) Computing, File Extensions
MTC Ministry of Transportation and Communication (former ministry in the government of Ontario. Communication subsequently removed and incorporated into the Ministry of Culture.) Governmental, State & Local
DLIELC Defense Language Institute English Language Center Governmental, Military
PERSUADER Personal Pronoun, Emotive Language, Rhetorical Question, Statistics and Fatcs, Use of Authority, Alliteration, Dramatic Language, Exaggeration, Repetition Academic & Science
PLSQL Procedural Language-Structured Query Language Computing, Software
LMX Language for Mapping XML (Extensible Markup Language) Computing, Software
WQL WML (Wireless Markup Language) Query Language Computing, Software
2GL Second Generation Language (Assembly Language) Computing, Assembly
LALD Language Acquisition and Language Disorders Academic & Science, Language & Literature
PLML Pattern Language Markup Language Academic & Science, Language & Literature
LPLP Language Problems and Language Planning Governmental, Planning
CLLP Center for Language and Language Practices Academic & Science, Language & Literature
LLTC Language and Language Teaching Conference Community, Conferences
1GL First Generation Language (Machine Language) Computing, Software
AGT Agent Community, Housing
FA Field Agent Business, Occupation & Positions
ANS Agent Name Server Computing, General
PA Purchasing Agent Business, General
FA Foreign Agent Governmental, Military
DA Dead Agent Governmental, US Government
ADR Agent D Reaper Miscellaneous, Science Fiction
GA General Agent Computing, General
HA Host Agent Computing, General
TRAC the Rail Agent Course Regional, Railroads
TA Travel Agent Business, Occupation & Positions
DA Directory Agent Miscellaneous, Unclassified
EA Evaluation Agent Governmental, Military
CEA CarcinoEmbryonic Agent Medical, Oncology
PFA Pop Forwarding Agent Miscellaneous, Unclassified
RA Registry Agent Computing, Cyber & Security
AOS Agent Of Starfleet Miscellaneous, Science Fiction
UA Undercover Agent Business, Occupation & Positions