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Pathology Practice Association


PPA Pathology Practice Association
Category Medical, British Medicine


PPA Pathology Practice Association Medical, British Medicine
AFIP Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (USA - Department of Veterinary Pathology) Medical, Veterinary
ABPFP American Board of Pathology in Forensic Pathology Business, Professional Organizations
AMP Association for Molecular Pathology Medical, British Medicine
DPA Digital Pathology Association Community, Associations
AAPT Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology Computing, Technology
AAPP Australian Association of Pathology Practices Business, Professional Organizations
MPAI Molecular Pathology Association of India Community, Associations
IPA Individual Practice Association Sports
AFPP Association for Perioperative Practice Medical, British Medicine
SPNA Scottish Practice Nurses Association Medical, Nursing
LPMA Legal Practice Management Association Governmental, Law & Legal
FCPA Florida Clinical Practice Association Community, Associations
AFPA Association of Family Practice Administrators Community, Associations
WIPA Wellington Independent Practice Association Business, Companies & Firms
APME Association Of Practice Management Educators Community, Non-Profit Organizations
GPPA General Practice Psychotherapy Association Medical
APPT Association of Private Practice Therapists Business, Professional Organizations
VPMA Veterinary Practice Management Association Medical, Veterinary
MIPA Midwest Independent Practice Association Community, Associations
IPNA Irish Practice Nurses Association Medical, Nursing
APMP Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice Community, Associations
AUDGP Association of University Departments of General Practice Medical, British Medicine
ASAFP Arizona Student Association For Family Practice Business, Professional Organizations
AVPMA Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association Medical, Veterinary
NAGPT National Association of General Practice Tutors Medical, British Medicine
SCIPA Southern California Independent Practice Association Business, Professional Organizations
APIPA Arizona Physicians Independent Practice Association Community, Associations
AVPMA Australian Veterinary Practice Managers Association Business, Professional Organizations
AHCPA Association of Health Centre and Practice Administrators Medical, British Medicine
ACPAPP Association of Certified Public Accountants in Public Practice Business, Professional Organizations
PATH Pathology Medical, Physiology
CP chronic pathology Medical, British Medicine
CP clinical pathology Medical, British Medicine
SPAA speech pathology and Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SDP Stop Doing Pathology Medical, Hospitals
Arch Pathol Archives of Pathology Academic & Science, Libraries
MPATH Master of Pathology Academic & Science, Academic Degrees
SP surgical pathology Medical, British Medicine
SP speech pathology Medical, British Medicine
MP molecular pathology Medical, British Medicine
CPL Clinical Pathology Laboratories Medical, Laboratory
PRB (CFSAN) Pathology Branch (CFSAN) Governmental, FDA
ABP American Board of Pathology Community, Non-Profit Organizations
Exp Molec Pathol Experimental and Molecular Pathology Academic & Science, Libraries
SPP Society for Pediatric Pathology Medical, Pediatric
STP Society of Toxicologic Pathology Business, Professional Organizations
DCP Diploma in Clinical Pathology Medical, British Medicine
MPOC Molecular Pathology Outreach Course Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ARP American Registry of Pathology Medical, Human Genome
WDP Western Diagnostic Pathology Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MAPL Mid America Pathology Laboratory Medical, Laboratory
EPP Entomology and Plant Pathology Miscellaneous, Unclassified
GPA Greensboro Pathology Associates Business, Companies & Firms
SSPath Swiss Society of Pathology Academic & Science, Societies
SPS surgical pathology staging Medical, British Medicine
PBR Pathology Bearing Regions Medical, Physiology
ADP assistant director of pathology Medical, British Medicine
CPC Clinical Pathology Conference Medical, Physiology
SNP Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Miscellaneous, Unclassified