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Electrical Replaceable Assembly


ERA Electrical Replaceable Assembly
Category Governmental, NASA


ERA Electrical Replaceable Assembly Governmental, NASA
MECCA Master Electrical Common Connector Assembly Governmental, NASA
ER Everyone Replaceable Miscellaneous, Unclassified
I&R Interchangeable and Replaceable Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
RU Replaceable Unit Governmental, Military
RSP Replaceable Stripper Plate Business, Products
LRU Lowest Replaceable Unit Academic & Science, Electronics
RDD Replaceable Database Driver Computing, Networking
FRS Field Replaceable Unit Computing, Hardware
LRU Line Replaceable Unit Computing, Hardware
TRU Tester Replaceable Unit Governmental, Military
RTH Replaceable Torch Head Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SRU Shop-Replaceable Unit Governmental, NASA
LRM Line Replaceable Module Governmental, Military
CRU Customer Replaceable Units Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit Governmental, Military
SHIFT Moves the next replaceable parameter into play Computing, DOS Commands
%1 first replaceable argument in a Batch file beyond %0 Computing, DOS Commands
LRU Line (or Lowest) Replaceable Unit Governmental, Military
ADAM Assembly Description Assembly Modification Computing, Hardware
ELECTRIC Electrical Academic & Science, Electronics
EI electrical injury Medical, British Medicine
EE Electrical Engineer Business, Occupation & Positions
BSEE B S in Electrical Engineering Academic & Science, Engineering
EHU Electrical Hook Up Academic & Science, Electronics
NEPUT Non-Electrical Pop-Up Target Business, Products
EV Electrical Vehicle Governmental, Transportation
EC electrical cardioversion Medical, British Medicine
EE Electrical Engineering Academic & Science, Universities
EC Electrical Conductivity Academic & Science, Geology
EP Electrical Physiology Medical, Physiology
UE United Electrical Academic & Science, Electronics
M&E Mechanical and Electrical Academic & Science, Architecture
TED The Electrical Distributor Business, Companies & Firms
ER Electrical Resistance Medical, Medical Physics
EP Electrical Power Governmental, NASA
ES Electrical Stimulation Medical, Physiology
ECI Electrical Consultants Inc Business, Companies & Firms
ES Electrical Stress Academic & Science, Electronics
ELDISC ELectrical DISConnect Governmental, NASA
BOEE Board of Electrical Academic & Science, Electronics
BEW Electrical Wholesalers Academic & Science, Electronics
E-MUX Electrical MUltipleXer Governmental, NASA
EC Electrical Contractor Business, Companies & Firms
EDI Electrical De-Ionization Academic & Science, Chemistry
EOS Electrical OverStress Computing, Hardware
E&I Electrical and Instrumentation Governmental, NASA
SLE St. Leye Electrical Business, Companies & Firms
ETS Electrical Test Set Governmental, NASA
EIB Electrical Industry Board Business, Professional Organizations
LED A Light Electrical Distributor Academic & Science, Electronics
EIC Electrical Insulation Conference Community, Conferences
EMI Electrical And Musical Instuments Community, Music
CEP Certified Electrical Professional Business, Certifications & Diplomas
EED Electrical Engineering Department Academic & Science, Engineering
VES Vertical Electrical Sounding Academic & Science, Geology
FEC Federated Electrical Contractors Business, Contractors
ELMT ELectrical Maintenance Technician Business, Occupation & Positions
ELPI Electrical Low Pressure Impactor Academic & Science, Electronics
HME Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Governmental, Military