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Contracted Logistic Support


CLS Contracted Logistic Support
Category Governmental, Military


CLS Contracted Logistic Support Governmental, Military
CFTS Contracted Flying Training and Support Miscellaneous, Unclassified
LSPPS Logistic Support Plan for Pre-operational Support Governmental, Military
LSM Logistic Support Manager Business, Logistics
ILS Integrated Logistic Support Governmental, Military
LSA Logistic Support Analysis Governmental, Military
LSV logistic support vessels Business, Logistics
CLS Contractor Logistic Support Business, Logistics
PLS Pillars of Logistic Support Governmental, Military
LSE Logistic Support Element Governmental, Military
CALS Computer Aided Logistic Support Governmental, Military
TLSP Tailored Logistic Support Program Business, Logistics
CALS Committee for Ammunition Logistic Support Governmental, Military
FLSS Forward Logistic Support Site Governmental, Military
LSAR Logistic Support Analysis Record Business, Logistics
HSLS Health Service Logistic Support Governmental, Military
JLSG Joint Logistic Support Group Governmental, Military
CLSS Combat Logistic Support Squadron Governmental, Military
FLSG Force Logistic Support Group Governmental, Military
NALSS Naval Advanced Logistic Support Site Governmental, Military
NAVELSG Navy Expeditionary Logistic Support Group Governmental, Military
MILU Multinational Integrated Logistic Support Unit Governmental, Military
SSLSM Single Service Logistic Support Manager Governmental, Military
CLPSB CINC Logistic Procurement Support Board Governmental, Military
CFCT Contracted For Committed To Business, General
CG Contracted Ground Community
NCA Non Contracted Activity Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CLT Contracted And Loaded Tip Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CTD Contracted Thingy Depot Business, General
COSR Contracted Out Salary Related Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SCON Scheme Contracted Out Number Business, Accounting
CDAM Contracted District Audit Manual Miscellaneous, Unclassified
COMPS contracted out money purchase scheme Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CAAS Contracted Advisory Assistance Services Governmental, US Government
SCPU Sponsored Contracted Projects Unit Miscellaneous, Unclassified
LR Logistic Regression Governmental, Military
RL Reverse Logistic Business
LOGEX LOGistic EXcellence Business, General
LSI Logistic Specialties Inc Business, Logistics
LRM Logistic Requirements Manager Business, General
LAR Logistic Assessment Review Governmental, Military
MMLH Multi Modal Logistic Hub Business, Logistics
UNLOC United Nations Logistic Course Governmental, Military
BLR Bayesian Logistic Regression Business, Logistics
DLA Defense Logistic Agency Business, Logistics
RLC Royal Logistic Corps Business, Logistics
OLR Online Logistic Regression Internet
LFF Logistic Factors File Governmental, Military
LMP Logistic Modernization Program Business, Logistics
MLF Multiple Logistic Function Business, Logistics
LMN Logistic Model and Notation Business, Logistics
NLC National logistic Center Governmental, Police
ILS Invisa Logistic Services Business, Logistics
TLC Total Logistic Control Governmental, Military
LBP Logistic Business Partners Business
LRA logistic regression analysis Medical, British Medicine
LSP Logistic Service Provider Business, Logistics
FLS Forward Logistic Site Governmental, Military
ALP Allied Logistic Publication Governmental, Military
DLOGS Division Logistic System Governmental, Military