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JNK-Stimulating Phosphatase


JSP JNK-Stimulating Phosphatase
Category Medical, Human Genome


JSP JNK-Stimulating Phosphatase Medical, Human Genome
ALP ALkaline Phosphatase Medical, Laboratory
SHIP SH2-containing inositol phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
PPX Protein Phosphatase X Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MKP MAP Kinase Phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
APH acid phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
PP protein phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
STIMULATE stimulating Miscellaneous, Unclassified
UAP urinary acid phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
LPAP Lymphocyte Phosphatase-Associated Phosphoprotein Academic & Science, Chemistry
PTP Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Medical, Human Genome
APA Alkaline Phosphatase Activity Academic & Science, Ocean Science
PTPG Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase g Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PAP Prostatic Acid Phosphatase Medical, Laboratory
UAP urinary alkaline phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
PTP2 Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 2 Medical, Human Genome
PAP Prostate Acid Phosphatase Medical, Physiology
PDP Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Phosphatase Medical, Physiology
SAP Secreted Acid Phosphatase Medical, Human Genome
BAP bacterial alkaline phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
NAP Neutrophil Alkaline Phosphatase Medical, Human Genome
SAP Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Medical, Laboratory
YPA yeast phosphatase activator Miscellaneous, Unclassified
STEP striatal enriched phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
SHIP src homology 2-containing inositol phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
PTP1 Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1 Medical, Human Genome
FAS for Apoptosis Stimulating Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MST1 Microphage STimulating 1 Medical, Human Genome
TSAb TSH Stimulating Antibodies Medical
TS Thyroid Stimulating Medical, Physiology
WGAP Wheat Germ Acid Phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SEAP Secreted embryonic alkaline phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
BSAP Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
BIAP Bovine Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Medical, Veterinary
BAP bone (specific) alkaline phosphatase Medical, British Medicine
TRAP Tartrate Resistent Acid Phosphatase Academic & Science, Chemistry
MLCP myosin light chain phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
TNAP Tissue Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PTPB Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase - Beta Medical, Human Genome
TRAP Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PTPK Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase - Kappa Medical, Human Genome
NESP Novel erythropoiesis stimulating protein Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ESF erythropoiesis stimulating factor Medical, British Medicine
ACTH Adrenocortical stimulating Hormone Medical, British Medicine
MSS Mucus-Stimulating Substance Medical, Physiology
ESA Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agent Medical, Physiology
MSF megakaryocyte stimulating factor Medical, British Medicine
TSH Thyroid-stimulating hormone Medical, Laboratory
CSF Colony Stimulating Factor Medical, Laboratory
CSF Colony stimulating factors Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MSF melanocyte-stimulating factor Medical, British Medicine
BSR Bottom Stimulating Reflectors Academic & Science, Geology
ASH aldosterone-stimulating hormone Medical, British Medicine
MSH Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone Medical, Physiology
MSH melanocyte stimulating hormones Miscellaneous, Unclassified
TSI Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin Medical, Physiology
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Medical, Laboratory
FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone Medical, Physiology
MSP macrophage-stimulating protein Medical, British Medicine
TSI Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulions Miscellaneous, Unclassified