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Telecommunications Management Network


TMN Telecommunications Management Network
Category Computing, Telecom


TMN Telecommunications Management Network Computing, Telecom
TNMS Telecommunications Network Management System Computing, Telecom
TELNET TELecommunications NETwork Computing, General
MTN Minneapolis Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
NMTN National Telecommunications Network Academic & Science, Meteorology
CTN Community Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network Governmental, Transportation
MTN Maritime Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
PTN Public Telecommunications Network Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PTN Private Telecommunications Network Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PTN Provider Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
MTN Mobile Telecommunications Network Regional, Ghana
ETN Enterprise Telecommunications Network Computing, Networking
MTN Main Telecommunications Network Academic & Science, Meteorology
RMTN Regional Telecommunications Network Academic & Science, Meteorology
VTN Video Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
CTNS Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist Computing, Telecom
ADTN Agency Data Telecommunications Network Computing, Telecom
PPTN Professional Provider Telecommunications Network Miscellaneous, Unclassified
FTNS Fixed Telecommunications Network Services Computing, Telecom
TINA Telecommunications Information Network Architecture Computing, Networking
RETN Region Eleven Telecommunications Network Business, Companies & Firms
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network Governmental, Military
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
STND Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CSTN Corporate Switched Telecommunications Network Computing, Networking
CLETN California Law Enforcement Telecommunications Network Governmental, Police
OTM Office of Telecommunications Management Governmental, NASA
TMO Telecommunications Management Officer Governmental, Military
TMP Telecommunications Management Program Governmental, Military
TSM Telecommunications Systems Management Computing, Telecom
SATIN Secure Australian Telecommunications and Information Network Computing, Networking
ATSM Association of Telecommunications Systems Management Business, Professional Organizations
NTMS National Telecommunications Management Structure Governmental, Military
BTMS BITEK Telecommunications Management System Computing, Telecom
TIRM Telecommunications Information Resource Management Miscellaneous, Unclassified
TPMC Telecommunications Project Management Courses Academic & Science, Universities
CTSM Center for Telecommunications Systems Management Business, Management
CTPM Certified Telecommunications Project Management Business, Certifications & Diplomas
SPRINT Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications Regional, Railroads
CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (Conseil de la Radiodiffusion et des Télécommunications Canadiennes) Community, News & Media
CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission - Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes Governmental
ITU-TSS International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications Standardization Sector Academic & Science, Electronics
NET-SNMP Network Simple Network Management Protocol Computing, Networking
STT Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security of NTISSC (National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee) Governmental, Military
XNM XML Network Management Computing, Software
NM Network Management Governmental, Military
NMM Network Management Manual Business, Management
NMR Network Management Resource Computing, Networking
CMN Configuration Management Network Governmental, Military
HMN Health Management Network Medical, Healthcare
NMS Network Management Systems Business, Management
SMNS Self Management Network Scotland Business, Management
WNM Wireless Network Management Computing, Networking
NMQ Network Management Query Computing, Networking
TMN Telecommunication Management Network Computing, Telecom
FTMN Financial Tax Management Network Business, Companies & Firms
NTMN New Talent Management Network Business, Professional Organizations
NMM Network Management Module Computing, Networking
NMS Network Management System Computing, Networking