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Multiple Occupancy Indicator


MOI Multiple Occupancy Indicator
Category Community, Housing


MOI Multiple Occupancy Indicator Community, Housing
MICS Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MICS Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Community, News & Media
IO Immediate Occupancy Community, Housing
RFO Ready For Occupancy Community, Housing
C-O Certificate of Occupancy Business, Certifications & Diplomas
OP Occupancy Permit Business, Real Estate
TOT Transient Occupancy Tax Governmental, US Government
HO High Occupancy Governmental, Transportation
AVO Available Vehicle Occupancy Governmental, Transportation
DUO Driving Up Occupancy Miscellaneous, Unclassified
LOV Low Occupancy Vehicle Governmental, US Government
OEL Occupancy Exposure Limits Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HOT High Occupancy Traffic Miscellaneous, Unclassified
VOR Vehicle Occupancy Rate Governmental, Transportation
COS Certified Occupancy Specialist Business, Certifications & Diplomas
SRO Single Room Occupancy Community, Housing
LTO long-term occupancy Community, Housing
MHOA Mutual Help and Occupancy Agreement Miscellaneous, Unclassified
EOA Electronic Occupancy Agreement Academic & Science, Electronics
BOD Beneficial Occupancy Date Governmental, NASA
BOP Bicycle Occupancy Permits Governmental, Law & Legal
UOV Universal Occupancy Vector Community
LSO Land-Structure-Occupancy Governmental, State & Local
OSB Occupancy Standards Bureau Community, Housing
HROT Hotel Room Occupancy Tax Business, Tax
LPOT Low pulse occupancy time Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HOT High Occupancy Toll Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HOV High Occupancy Vehicles Governmental, Transportation
POE Post Occupancy Evaluation Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HOV high occupancy vehicle Miscellaneous
HOV Heavy Occupancy Vehicle Governmental, Transportation
JOD Joint Occupancy Date Miscellaneous, Construction
OWAB Occupancy Weighted Average B Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CCRO Certificate of Customary Right of Occupancy Business, Certifications & Diplomas
SOV Single Occupancy Vehicle Governmental, US Government
CPO Certified Professional of Occupancy Business, Certifications & Diplomas
HOVL high occupancy vehicle lane Governmental, Transportation
GROC Gross Rent Occupancy Cost Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ACOP Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ACOP Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy Miscellaneous, Unclassified
RODI Room Occupancy Dynamic Interface Miscellaneous, Unclassified
COPE Construction Occupancy Protection and Exposures Miscellaneous, Unclassified
COMS Cell Occupancy Monitoring System Medical, Psychiatry
PROP Probationary Rental Occupancy Permit Community, Housing
ACOP Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SCOH Standard Classification Of Occupancy Halards Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MIMD Multiple Instructions Multiple Data Computing, General
MIMO Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Computing
MIMD Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data Computing
MRMO Multiple-Robots Multiple-Objects Computing, General
MIMO Multiple Inputs And Multiple Outputs Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MDME Multiple Delay Multiple Echo Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MIMO Multiple Input Multiple Output Computing, General
MIMO Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Computing, Drivers
IND Indicator Governmental, NASA
NVI No Value Indicator Computing, Assembly
KI Key Indicator Miscellaneous, Unclassified
RQI RNA quality indicator Miscellaneous, Unclassified
NPTI Net Pay Trend Indicator Miscellaneous, Unclassified