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World Physique Federation


WPF World Physique Federation
Category Governmental, Federation


WPF World Physique Federation Governmental, Federation
WPF World POG Federation Sports
WCF World Cat Federation Miscellaneous, Hobbies
WGF World Goshikaikan Federation Sports
WDF World Development Federation Governmental, United Nations
WFH World Federation of Hemophilia Governmental, FDA
WDF World Darts Federation Sports
WHF World Hovercraft Federation Sports
WKF World Kayak Federation Sports
WWF World Wildlife Federation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WCF World Croquet Federation Sports
FDI FDI World Dental Federation Academic & Science, Societies
WAF World Android Federation Miscellaneous, Science Fiction
KWF Kyokushin World Federation Governmental, Federation
WBF World Bodybuilding Federation Governmental, Federation
WFVS World Federation Of Value Societies Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WTF World Tiddlywinks Federation Governmental, Federation
WFF World Football Federation Governmental, Federation
WKF World Kobudokan Federation Sports
WTF World Trade Federation Business, Companies & Firms
WYF World Yoseikan Federation Governmental, Federation
WBF World Bridge Federation Sports
WUF World University Federation Academic & Science, Universities
WAF World Armwrestling Federation Sports, Wrestling
WWAF World Wide Art Federation Governmental, Federation
WETF World Egg Throwing Federation Sports
WAF World Armsport Federation Sports
WVVF World Vovinam Federation Sports
WRF World Rustling Federation Miscellaneous, Funnies
LWF Lutheran World Federation Community, Religion
WTMF World Tong Il Moo Do Federation Governmental, Federation
WCF World Curling Federation Sports
WPF World Paintball Federation Sports, Paintball
WKF World Kickboxing Federation Sports, Boxing
WCF World Carillon Federation Community, Music
WTMF World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation Sports
WSF World Sports Federation Sports
WHF World Huaren Federation Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WWF World Wrestling Federation Sports, Wrestling
WGF World Gaming Federation Computing, Gaming
WVF World Veterans Federation Governmental, Federation
KWF Karatenomichi World Federation Sports, Karate
WXF World Xiangqi Federation Miscellaneous, Chess
WFN World Federation of Neurology Medical, Physiology
WFO World Federation of Orthodontists Business, Professional Organizations
WSF World Skating Federation Sports, Skating
WSFI World Sidesaddle Federation, Inc. Sports
WKF World Kobudo Federation Sports
WSF World Skateboarding Federation Governmental, Federation
WFA World Federation of Advertisers Business, Professional Organizations
WQF World Quadrathlon Federation Sports
WDSF World DanceSport Federation Sports
WTF World Taekwondo Federation Sports
WFE World Federation of Exchanges Business, Professional Organizations
WFS World Federation of Scientists Governmental, Federation
WCF World Curing Federation Governmental, Federation
WKPF World Ker Plunk Federation Sports
WFD World Federation of the Deaf Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WEF World Extreme Federation Sports
WWF World Writers Federation Governmental, Federation