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Post Landing


P-L Post Landing
Category Governmental, NASA


P-L Post Landing Governmental, NASA
PL Post-Landing Governmental, NASA
PLS Post Landing and Safing Governmental, NASA
ZAC York Landing Airport, York Landing, Manitoba, Canada Regional, Airport Codes
ARL Landing Craft Repair Ship (Auxiliary, Repair, Landing) Miscellaneous, Shipping & Sailing
Ldg Landing, Landing place Governmental
5F1 Post-Garza County Municipal Airport, Post, Texas USA Regional, Airport Codes
QNE What indication will my On landing at...(place) at...hours altimeter give on landing with your sub-scale being set to at...(place) at...hours? Governmental, Transportation
YNL Points North Landing Aerodrome, Points North Landing, Saskatchewan, Canada Regional, Airport Codes
LPOP Listening Post Observation Post Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PPS-2 Post Post Script number 2 Miscellaneous
CLZ Craft Landing Zone (landing craft) Governmental, Military
PPS Post Post Scriptum Community, News & Media
PPS Post Post Script Community, News & Media
2B9 Post Mills Airport, Post Mills, Vermont USA Regional, Airport Codes
07850 Landing, NJ Regional, ZIP Codes
TO&L take off and landing Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
ROLF Right Of Landing Fee Regional, Canadian
LDG LanDinG Governmental, NASA
08330 Mays Landing, NJ Regional, ZIP Codes
20779 Tracys Landing, MD Regional, ZIP Codes
LSG Landing Ship, Gun Miscellaneous, Shipping & Sailing
L Landing Time Governmental, NASA
ROFL Right Of Free Landing Governmental, Transportation
AL Approach & Landing Governmental, Transportation
L-S Landing Site Governmental, NASA
LG Landing Gear Miscellaneous, Manufacturing
15357 Rices Landing, PA Regional, ZIP Codes
LDA Landing Distance Available Governmental, Transportation
FAL First Approach and Landing Governmental, NASA
LDA Landing Directional Aid Governmental, Transportation
95313 Crows Landing, CA Regional, ZIP Codes
VTOL Vertical Take Off And Landing Governmental, Transportation
12156 Schodack Landing, NY Regional, ZIP Codes
E-L Entry-Landing Governmental, NASA
VERTOL Vertical Take-Off and Landing Governmental, Transportation
LC Landing Craft Miscellaneous, Shipping & Sailing
OKL Okanagan Landing Governmental, State & Local
LZ Landing Zone Governmental, Transportation
LH Landing Helicopter Governmental, Military
A-L Approach and Landing Governmental, Military
95537 Fields Landing, CA Regional, ZIP Codes
95645 Knights Landing, CA Regional, ZIP Codes
12841 Huletts Landing, NY Regional, ZIP Codes
OPL Old Princeton Landing Business, Companies & Firms
LL Launch and Landing Governmental, NASA
ELAL Every Landing Always Late Miscellaneous, Funnies
LDSBJ LanDing SuBJect Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
CTOL Conventional Take Off and Landing Governmental, Military
L&D Landing and Deceleration Governmental, NASA
LR Landing Radar Governmental, NASA
LV Landing Vehicle Governmental, NASA
STOL Short Take Off Landing Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
TGL Touch And Go Landing Governmental, Transportation
95039 Moss Landing, CA Regional, ZIP Codes
HAL Height Above Landing Governmental, Transportation
13641 Fishers Landing, NY Regional, ZIP Codes
POL Port of Landing Miscellaneous
HORTOL Horizontal Take-Off and Landing Governmental, Transportation
GLS GPS Landing System Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation