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Internet Service Management Device


ISMD Internet Service Management Device
Category Computing, Hardware


ISMD Internet Service Management Device Computing, Hardware
WTV WebTV internet device Computing, Hardware
MID Mobile Internet Device Computing, Hardware
MIAD mobile Internet access device Internet
IPDC Internet Protocol Device Control Internet
DAVID Digital Audio-Video Internet Device Computing, Hardware
DPWS Device Profile for Web Service Miscellaneous, Unclassified
MDSS Medical Device Safety Service Medical, Hospitals
MSED Multi Service Edge Device Miscellaneous, Unclassified
YIS Your Internet Service Business, Companies & Firms
IS Internet Service Internet
KMD Key Management Device Computing, Cyber & Security
ILS Internet Locator Service Internet
WINS Windows Internet Name Service Computing
WIS Waterfront Internet Service Business, Companies & Firms
IBS Internet Banking Service Business, Banking
BIS BlackBerry Internet Service Internet
ICS Internet Caching Service Internet
ISP Internet Service Provider Computing, Software
iSNS Internet Server Name Service Computing, Drivers
IVAS Internet Value Added Service Internet
JIS Jesup Internet Service Business, Companies & Firms
IPS Internet Protocol Service Internet
ISS Internet Security Service Internet
ISNS Internet Storage Name Service Internet
ISPS Internet Service Providers Internet
MIS Managed Internet Service Computing, Networking
ICS Internet Courier Service Business, General
MDM Mobile Device Management Computing, Telecom
IDM Intelligent Device Management Computing, Networking
DRM Device Relationship Management Computing, Networking
DMS Device Management Software Business, Management
DMD Device Management Database Business, Management
WBDM Web Based Device Management Computing, Networking
IPAS Internet Payment Authorization Service Business, Accounting
NAIS NASA Acquisition Internet Service Internet
ITSP Internet Telephone Service Provider Computing, Telecom
ISMW Internet Service Margit Wodniok Internet
IMPS Internet Miniature Pinscher Service Internet
IESS Internet Entrepreneurs Support Service Internet
QOSOI Quality Of Service Over IP (Internet Protocol) Computing, Telecom
IISP Independent Internet Service Provider Business, Companies & Firms
MISP Managed Internet Service Provider Internet
DLIS Dixie Land Internet Service Business, Companies & Firms
ISPC Internet Service Providers Consortium Internet
CISP Commercial Internet Service Provider Business, Companies & Firms
ICSP Internet and Computer Service Provider Business, Companies & Firms
WINS Windows Internet Naming Service Internet
WISE Wireless Internet Service Envirionment Internet
MSIS Main Street Internet Service Business, Companies & Firms
ISP Internet service provider settings (MS IIS) Computing, File Extensions
CCIS Customer Care Internet Service Internet
OVIS Ohio Valley Internet Service Internet
IASE Internet Authentication Service Extensions Computing, Networking
IPSP Internet Payment Service Provider Business, Accounting
HISP Health Internet Service Provider Internet
TWISP The Welsh Internet Service Provider Computing, Telecom
GISS Generic Internet Service Specification Internet
ISIS Internet Service Information System Business, General
IBSQ Internet Banking Service Quality Internet