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Laboratory of Enteric and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CBER)


LESTD (CBER) Laboratory of Enteric and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CBER)
Category Governmental, FDA


LESTD (CBER) Laboratory of Enteric and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CBER) Governmental, FDA
ASTDA American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association Medical, Hospitals
DipVen Diploma in Venereology (sexually-transmitted diseases) Medical, British Medicine
STD*MIS Sexually Transmitted Diseases Management Information System–software for STD surveillance and case management Computing, Software
LVBD (CBER) Laboratory of Vector-Borne Diseases (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LMDCI (CBER) Laboratory of Mycobacterial Diseases and Cellular Immunology (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LPRVD (CBER) Laboratory of Pediatric and Respiratory Viral Diseases (CBER) Governmental, FDA
SDT sexually transmitted disease Medical
STI(s) sexually transmitted infection(s) Medical
STI Sexually transmitted infections Miscellaneous, Unclassified
HAST HIV and AIDS sexually transmitted Miscellaneous, Unclassified
STI sexually-transmitted infection Medical
STR Sexually Transmitted Religion Community, Religion
STV Sexually Transmitted Voting Miscellaneous, Funnies
STP Sexually Transmitted Phosphates Medical, Physiology
STD sexually transmitted disease—but Medical, Diseases
STI Sexually Transmitted Infection Medical, Hospitals
STI Sexually Transmitted Incident Medical, Hospitals
STDM Sexually Transmitted Disease Morbidity Governmental, US Government
DSTD Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Medical, Diseases
ASTDA American Sexually Transmitted Disease Association Business, Professional Organizations
IUSTI International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections Medical
OFSTED Outwardly Friendly Sexually Transmitted Educational Disease Community, Educational
VED Vaccines for Enteric Diseases Medical, Diseases
STD Sexual Transmitted Diseases Medical, Diseases
NCZVED National Center for Zoonotic, Vector-Borne, and Enteric Diseases Governmental, US Government
DETTD Division of Emerging and Transfusion Transmitted Diseases Governmental, FDA
LR (CBER) Laboratory of Retroviruses (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LDV (CBER) Laboratory of DNA Viruses (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LIB (CBER) Laboratory of Immunobiochemistry (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LIR (CBER) Laboratory of Immunoregulation (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LH (CBER) Laboratory of Hemostasis (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LPD (CBER) Laboratory of Plasma Derivatives (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LMV (CBER) Laboratory of Molecular Virology (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LMD (CBER) Laboratory of Method Development (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LHV (CBER) Laboratory of Hepatitis Viruses (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LCH (CBER) Laboratory of Cellular Hematology (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LBVB (CBER) Laboratory of Biochemistry and Vascular Biology (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LRSP (CBER) Laboratory of Respiratory and Special Pathogens (CBER) Governmental, FDA
PQLS (CBER) Product Quality Laboratory Staff (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LBPUA (CBER) Laboratory of Bacterial, Parasitic and Unconventional Agents (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LMDQC (CBER) Laboratory of Methods Development and Quality Control (CBER) Governmental, FDA
LVD Laboratory of Viral Diseases Medical, Diseases
LPVD Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases Medical, Laboratory
LCID Laboratory of Clinical Infectious Diseases Medical, Clinical Medicine
EDGL Environmental Diseases Genomics Laboratory Medical, Diseases
LRND Laboratory for the Research of Neurodegenerative Diseases Medical, Laboratory
ACLAD American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases Business, Professional Organizations
VIDRL Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory (Australia) Medical, Veterinary
PE portal-enteric Medical, British Medicine
EC Enteric Coated Medical, Drugs
EVU Enteric virus unit Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ECA enteric-coated aspirin Medical, British Medicine
EC ASA Enteric Coated Aspirin Medical, Drugs
HEA Hektoen enteric agar Medical, British Medicine
ECC Enteric Coated Capsule Medical, Physiology
ECT Enteric Coated Tablet Medical, Physiology
ESC Enteric Septicemia of Catfish Medical, Veterinary
AEF aorto-enteric fistula Medical, British Medicine
ENS Enteric Nervous System Miscellaneous, Unclassified