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Electronic Marketing


EMKT Electronic Marketing
Category Business, Marketing


EMKT Electronic Marketing Business, Marketing
VEM Video Electronic Marketing, Inc. Business, Companies & Firms
EMRS Electronic Marketing Reporting System Miscellaneous, USPS
EPR electronic patient recordThe term electronic health record is generally preferred Medical, British Medicine
AECE Advertising Electronic Design Communication and Electronic Pre-press Business, Professional Organizations
JECEWSI Joint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulation Governmental, Military
EXCEL Electronic Xylophones Create Electronic Listening Miscellaneous, Funnies
ER-ES electronic records-electronic signatures Business, General
EFBEU Electronic Flight Bag Electronic Unit Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena—electronic Academic & Science, Electronics
M Marketing Business, General
JMI Just Marketing Inc Business, Companies & Firms
FMM F F P Marketing, Inc. Business, AMEX Symbols
MMM Mad Men Marketing Business, Marketing
SELB Sel Leb Marketing, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
ZDM Za Direktni Marketing Business, Marketing
JITM Just in Time Marketing Business, Marketing
PMMI Prime Marketing, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
MG Marketing Guru Miscellaneous, Funnies
IBMM Ice Box Marketing Management Business, Marketing
CMI Container Marketing Inc Business, Marketing
NWM NetWork Marketing Business, General
DM Diversity Marketing Business, Marketing
WMT Web Marketing Technologies Business, Companies & Firms
DHMG D H Marketing & Consulting Business, NASDAQ Symbols
WMA Web Marketing Association Business, Marketing
MRL Marketing Resources Ltd Business, Marketing
STLK.PK STL Marketing Group Business, NASDAQ Symbols
ME Marketing Education Community, Educational
GAM Graphics and Marketing Business, Marketing
SUNX Sun Refining and Marketing Regional, Railroads
NMI National Marketing Inc Business, Marketing
WSPM WebSTAR Pro-Marketing Business, Companies & Firms
YMU Your Marketing University Academic & Science, Universities
MC Marketing Cost Business, Accounting
KLMK Klever Marketing, Inc. Business, NASDAQ Symbols
TFM Technology For Marketing Business, General
GELX Grain Marketing L.C. Regional, Railroads
THM Take Hold Marketing Business, Marketing
JMC Marketing Communications Business, Marketing
FFAM Free For All Marketing Business, Marketing
FIM Farmers In Marketing Business, Marketing
MOMA Mobile Marketing Business, Marketing
WAM Web-Accelerated Marketing Business, Marketing
YMD Your Marketing Department Business, Marketing
TMG The Marketing Game Business, Marketing
MOTB Marketing On The Beach Business, Marketing
OMC Oil Marketing Company Business, Marketing
SLAM Sex, Love, And Marketing Community, News & Media
NVM New Venture Marketing Business, Companies & Firms
MD Marketing Disaster Business, Marketing
DMO Destination Marketing or Business, Marketing
WMT Web Marketing Today Community, News & Media
WMI Web Marketing International Business, Companies & Firms
NAMAS New Age Marketing and Services Business, Marketing
TMQ The Marketing Quotient Business, Marketing
NMJ New Marketing Jobs Business, Companies & Firms
MO Marketing Officer Business, Occupation & Positions
KZM Klub za marketing Business, Marketing
EMI Egg Marketing Inspectorate Medical, Veterinary