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Kinetic Penguins


KP Kinetic Penguins
Category Miscellaneous, Unclassified


KP Kinetic Penguins Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PP Pittsburgh Penguins Sports, Hockey
TPOM the Penguins of Madagascar Miscellaneous, Unclassified
FOTP Farce of the Penguins Miscellaneous, Unclassified
OPEC Obese Penguins Eating Cars Miscellaneous, Funnies
HEMP Hazerdous Enigmatic Monkey Penguins Miscellaneous, Unclassified
VXE-6 Navy Antarctic Development Squadron 6, the Puckered Penguins Governmental, Military
KP Kinetic Pulse Academic & Science, Physics
KCI Kinetic Concepts Inc Business, Companies & Firms
KI Kinetic Ingredients Miscellaneous, Unclassified
PK Psycho Kinetic Miscellaneous, Hobbies
KI Kinetic Impact Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KEO kinetic energies of Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KAB Kinetic Art and Business Business
KE Kinetic Energy Governmental, Military
KTG Kinetic Theory of Gas Academic & Science, Physics
KA Kinetic Atom Academic & Science, Chemistry
KPP Kinetic Pre-Processor Medical, Physiology
PKC Psycho Kinetic Collaboration Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KTM Kinetic Thermal Mixing Medical, Physiology
KVT kinetic velocity technology Computing, Technology
NKCE Non Kinetic Counter Electronics Academic & Science, Electronics
TKE turbulence kinetic energy Governmental, Energy
KRG Kinetic Research Group Academic & Science, Research
PKE Psycho-Kinetic Energy Academic & Science, Psychology
STK Speedcore Terror Kinetic Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ZEKE Zero Electron Kinetic Energy Academic & Science, Chemistry
KPP Kinetic Poetics Project Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KPA Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzer Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KPS Kinetic Polishing System Miscellaneous, Unclassified
TKE Turbulent Kinetic Energy Academic & Science, Ocean Science
RKB Restricted Kinetic Balance Academic & Science, Physics
TKMG The Kinetic Music Group Community, Music
AKD Altered Kinetic Distance Academic & Science, Physics
TLK Two-Lesion Kinetic model Academic & Science, Physics
TKE Total Kinetic Energy Governmental, Energy
RKE Relativistic Kinetic Energy Governmental, Energy
KKT Khan Kinetic Treatment Miscellaneous, Unclassified
OKN Opto-Kinetic Nystagmus Medical, Physiology
MMKE mean molecular kinetic energy Governmental, Energy
KMS Kinetic Molecular Systems Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KSI Kinetic Solutions Incorporated Business, Companies & Firms
KDG Kinetic Development Group Community, Development
KIM Kinetic Interpolated Molecule Miscellaneous, Unclassified
RKE Rotational Kinetic Energy Academic & Science, Physics
KEW Kinetic Energy Weapon Governmental, Military
KBC Kinetic Battery Charger Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KYC Kinetic Yield Center Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KPA Kinetic Phosphorescence Analysis Miscellaneous, Unclassified
UKB Unrestricted Kinetic Balance Academic & Science, Physics
KEM Kinetic Energy Missile Governmental, Military
KHI Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Miscellaneous, Unclassified
SKL Servo Kinetic Laser Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KDS Kinetic Data Systems, Inc. Business, Companies & Firms
SKW Smart Kinetic Walk Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KMT Kinetic Molecular Theory Academic & Science, Chemistry
KCA Kinetic Chain Assessment Miscellaneous, Unclassified
KIT Kinetic Interactive Technology Academic & Science, Physics
KER kinetic energy released Governmental, Energy
KIS Kinetic Imaging System Medical, Physiology