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Big Canopy Database


BCD Big Canopy Database
Category Computing, Databases


BCD Big Canopy Database Computing, Databases
CF Canopy Formation Miscellaneous, Unclassified
UCS Universal Canopy System Governmental, Transportation
CRW Canopy Relative Work Business, General
CGC Canopy Growth Corp Business, Companies & Firms
VCL Vegetation Canopy Lidar Governmental, NASA
BRC Bicycle Rain Canopy Sports, Cycling
VCLM Vegetation Canopy Lidar Mission Governmental, NASA
BCAP Basic Canopy Access Proficiency Community, Housing
RCPT Round Canopy Parachuting Team Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ACCP Accelerated Canopy Chemistry Program Academic & Science, Botany
LLCT Lake Lanier Canopy Tours Community, Travel & Tourism
BRCE Bicycle Rain Canopy Equipment Sports, Cycling
OSCAR Optical Soil Canopy Atmosphere Radiance Academic & Science, Meteorology
DCT Database dictionary (Clarion Database Developer) Computing, File Extensions
H! Help database (Flambeaux Help - Perfect Database) Computing, File Extensions
SPS OS-2 Database Computing, File Extensions
PLC P-CAD Database Computing, File Extensions
DB DataBase Governmental, Military
DB2 DataBase 2 Computing, Databases
NDB No DataBase Computing, Databases
IDB IDA Database Computing, File Extensions
GD Graph Database Computing, Databases
RGD Rat Genome Database Medical, Human Genome
NFO Filioview database Computing, File Extensions
KEDB Known Error Database Computing, Software
VDB Vulnerability DataBase Governmental, Military
NXD Native XML Database Computing, General
GDB Genome Database Medical, Human Genome
UDB Universal DataBase Computing, Databases
DSN Database Source Name Computing
DSN Database Server Name Computing, Databases
ZBDB ZetaByte Database Computing, Software
QDB Quote DataBase Community, News & Media
NDB Network DataBase Computing, File Extensions
MDB Microsoft DataBase Computing, General
WKDB Webkeystone Database Computing, Databases
ID Information Database Business, General
LDF Log Database File Computing, Databases
TDB Terrain Database Governmental, Military
KDD K Database Display Computing, Databases
IDB Integrated Database Governmental, Military
SLD Statute Law Database Computing, Databases
XG7 Database Index Computing, File Extensions
RDB Religion Database Community, Religion
DBM DataBase Manager Business, Occupation & Positions
SSDB SuperStar DataBase Suggested
DBO Database Operator Business, Occupation & Positions
CDB Configuration Database Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
MDB Database (MS Access) Computing, File Extensions
ODB open database but Computing, Databases
DBM DataBase Maintenance Computing, Cyber & Security
DMD Dar Manager Database Computing, Databases
ODB Occupational Database Governmental, US Government
WDDB Web Drug Database Medical, Physiology
MND Magick New Database Computing, Databases
IDB Interoperability DataBase Governmental, Military
TDB Transportation DataBase Governmental, Military
ACEDB A C. elegans database Medical, Human Genome
QDB Quicken DataBase Computing, Databases