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Automated Configuration Management System


ACMS Automated Configuration Management System
Category Computing, Software


ACMS Automated Configuration Management System Computing, Software
ICMS Integrated Configuration Management System Governmental, NASA
TD-CMS Technical Data- Configuration Management System Governmental, Military
AKMS Automated Key Management System Computing, Cyber & Security
CAMS Collection Automated Management System Governmental, Military
AFMS Automated Fuel Management System Miscellaneous, Aircraft & Aviation
ARMS Automated Resources Management System Governmental, Military
AMIS Automated Management Information System Business, General
ALMS Automated Logistics Management System Governmental, Military
AIMS Automated Instructional Management System Governmental, Military
ARMS Automated Records Management System Governmental, FBI Files
AIMS automated indexing management system Medical, British Medicine
AAMS Automated Acquisition Management System Governmental, US Government
MAIDS Management Automated Information Display System Governmental, NASA
IAVMS Installation Automated Vehicle Management System Governmental, Military
CARMS Community Automated Resource Management System Governmental, Military
DFAMS Defense Full Automated Management System Governmental, Military
AVMIS Automated Vehicle Management Information System Governmental, Military
ROAMS Replacement Operations Automated Management System Governmental, Military
ARMTS Automated Risk Management and Targeting System Miscellaneous, Unclassified
ALMSA Automated Logistics Management System Activity Governmental, Military
MAVMS MACOM Automated Vehicle Management System Governmental, Military
ARPMIS Automated Resource and Plan Management Information System Governmental, Military
ACD Automated Configuration Documentation Computing, Software
YVGF Financial Management Division, Directorate of Configuration and Information Management Governmental, NASA
CML Configuration Management Log Computing, General
CM configuration management Business, General
CMI Configuration Management Inc Business, Management
DCM Desired Configuration Management Suggested
HCM Hardware Configuration Management Governmental, NASA
CMDB Configuration Management Database Computing, Databases
CMR Configuration Management Regulation Governmental, Military
CMA Configuration Management Analyst Miscellaneous, Manufacturing
CMA Configuration Management Accounting Governmental, NASA
ICM Institute of Configuration Management Business, Professional Organizations
CMDB Configuration And Management Database But Business, Management
FCM Firmware Configuration Management Computing, Software
CMC Communications Management Configuration Business, Management
CMO Configuration Management Office Governmental, NASA
CMN Configuration Management Network Governmental, Military
SCM Software Configuration Management Governmental, Military
CRM Configuration Resource Management Computing, General
ZCM ZENworks Configuration Management Computing, Software
CCM Change And Configuration Management Miscellaneous, Unclassified
CMI Configuration Management Initiative Business, Management
CDM Configuration Data Management Miscellaneous, Manufacturing
CMC Configuration Management Coordinator Business, Management
CMC Communication Management Configuration Computing, General
ACM Association of Configuration Management Business, Companies & Firms
SCM Subsystem Configuration Management Governmental, NASA
CMP Configuration Management Plan Governmental, Military
DAMES Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) Automated Message Exchange System Governmental, Military
CMAB Configuration Management Application Block Governmental, Military
ACME Assembling Configuration Management Environments Governmental, Environmental
ACMB Army Configuration Management Boards Governmental, Military
SLCC ERNO Spacelab Configuration Management Governmental, NASA
NCMT Network Configuration Management Tool Academic & Science, Electronics
WVCM Workspace Versioning and Configuration Management Computing, Software
ACDM Association for Configuration and Data Management Business, Professional Organizations
NCCM Network change and configuration management Business, Management